New Music Blog: Sonic Elysium

Hello All,

So I’ve finally got my act together (mostly) and am about 90% ready to launch my new Music Blog, Sonic Elysium.

At the moment, I am floating the blog around the facebook fan page and other avenues to collect opinions and tips. Any offered here would be greatly appreciated. I’m really happy with how the design came out and have already applied a couple modifications to reflect the advice I’ve received.


I came up with the name to represent the idea of a sanctuary for discussion about good music, or at least the music I enjoy the most- Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Grunge, etc. I plan on posting as often as possible, maybe even every day- we’ll see. For now it’s nothing more than a blog for me throw my thoughts at. Whether it expands from there remains to be seen.

Hope you like it!



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