Political Blog: We Need A Name!

My buddy Andrew Parker and I met up today to do some more planning for the political blog.

We know what topics to cover, we know what the general Editorial bias will be geared to, and we have tons of great ideas for features and special posts. But one thing alludes us…

The Name!!!

We managed to nail down 6 possible candidates:

– Consider This
– For the Sake of Argument
– The Critical Voice
– Dispatch of Dissent
– Critical Witness
– Critical Broadcast

I’ve floated the question to people on Facebook and voters seem to be gravitating to “For the Sake of Argument” and “Dispatch of Dissent”. I just met with some family and the consensus among them seems to be in favor of “For the Sake of Argument” as well. I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m just so stoked to get this thing started!



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