New Politcal Blog is Up!: For the Sake of Argument

Hey everyone!

The new political Blog is now officially up! Just in time for the death of Osama Bin Laden!

For the Sake of Argument

I’ve published a couple articles so far, including a welcome article and an article on why the United States needs Question Time Sessions like the ones held in Great Britain. My colleague Andrew has written an article on Libya, as well as a new article about the death of Bin Laden. I’ll be posting another one myself later today.

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Political Blog: We Need A Name!

My buddy Andrew Parker and I met up today to do some more planning for the political blog.

We know what topics to cover, we know what the general Editorial bias will be geared to, and we have tons of great ideas for features and special posts. But one thing alludes us…

The Name!!!

We managed to nail down 6 possible candidates:

– Consider This
– For the Sake of Argument
– The Critical Voice
– Dispatch of Dissent
– Critical Witness
– Critical Broadcast

I’ve floated the question to people on Facebook and voters seem to be gravitating to “For the Sake of Argument” and “Dispatch of Dissent”. I just met with some family and the consensus among them seems to be in favor of “For the Sake of Argument” as well. I guess we’ll see what happens! I’m just so stoked to get this thing started!


New Music Blog: Sonic Elysium

Hello All,

So I’ve finally got my act together (mostly) and am about 90% ready to launch my new Music Blog, Sonic Elysium.

At the moment, I am floating the blog around the facebook fan page and other avenues to collect opinions and tips. Any offered here would be greatly appreciated. I’m really happy with how the design came out and have already applied a couple modifications to reflect the advice I’ve received.


I came up with the name to represent the idea of a sanctuary for discussion about good music, or at least the music I enjoy the most- Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Grunge, etc. I plan on posting as often as possible, maybe even every day- we’ll see. For now it’s nothing more than a blog for me throw my thoughts at. Whether it expands from there remains to be seen.

Hope you like it!


Promotional Blast: Underground Bands

In addition to the reviews and new stories I’ve written for Metal Injection, I’ve also put together a few promotional articles for my friends’ bands in a feature called “Underground Pitch”. I like the feeling that I’m helping them out and that maybe my efforts will contribute to their success later on. You can find all of them on my links page, but here are links to the three promo articles I’ve written thus far.


Terrella is a heavy art-rock band from Eastern Connecticut. Drawing on influences both heavy and progressive: they take interwoven guitar and piano arrangements, with layers of female and male vocals, all on top of a heavy metal rhythm section. Their influences include bands like Cult of Luna, Queens of the Stone Age, Katatonia, Tool, and Isis; along with heavier acts like Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, and System of a Down. Terrella approaches music by keeping the intensity and energy of metal, while using melody and progressive arrangements to go beyond its borders”- Article

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